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  • Does the department give away smoke detectors?
    Yes! Thanks to a generous grant from FEMA, we have 2,000 smoke detectors to distribute to residents of Essex County and the town of Tappahannock. Click here to request yours.
  • Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?
    Unfortunately, due to chemicals sometimes used in our trucks, we are unable to fill swimming pools.
  • What are the burn laws in Essex County?
    Essex County follows the Virginia State burn laws. The exception to this is the Town of Tappahannock: No open fires are allowed within the town limits at any time. Click the link below to view more information.
  • Where do I learn more about volunteering?
    Please visit our volunteer page for more details, or give us a call at 1-855-90-TEVFD


Firefighter Nation

Articles, fire news, forum fire department discussion.

VA Fire News
Virginia news and articles of fire departments in our state

Statter 911

Action fire videos and reports from all across the USA.

Virginia Department of Fire Programs 
The Virginia Department of Fire Programs website contains resources for current Virgina firefighters and individuals interested in becoming a firefighter in Virginia.

Virginia Fire Chiefs Association Inc. 

"The Virginia Fire Chiefs Association, Inc. (VFCA) formerly known as the State Fire Chiefs Association of Virginia, Inc., is the advocate for leadership of emergency response organizations. VFCA provides a comprehensive and integrated statewide public safety effort, thereby enhancing the quality of life for our customers by reducing the effects of fire, medical, and environmental emergencies." -VFCA

Virginia State Firefighters Association

"With more than 13,000 members across the Commonwealth, the VSFA works to provide for better and affordable fire protection in Virginia by advocating for legislative action to benefit Virginia fire departments, rescue squads and support Virginia's emergency responders." - VSFA

The Mesothelioma Group 

Firefighters face the risk of exposure to asbestos every day in their line of work. Asbestos is a deadly material commonly used in older homes, which can be found in the insulation, roofing, and even flooring. Asbestos fibers become a legitimate danger for firefighters when it's disturbed during fires. Our goal at the Mesothelioma Group is to increase firefighters' mesothelioma awareness, improving survival rates for firefighters and other victims of mesothelioma cancer.

Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads

VAVRS is a non-profit organization that offers training and benefits to volunteer rescue squads in Virginia


Virginia Office of EMS

The Virginia Office of EMS regulates certification, training, recruitment, and EMS policies in the Commonwealth.

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